Praise for The Perfect Marriage:

I have two categories of women's lit book..the cute, predictable stuff that normally makes me want to gag while reading it and I can't wait to get through it or Grown up women's lit that really can offer a book for women to learn by. Very few of the women's lit books I have read fit into this category, but this is def. one. IMO, this is a book which should be given to any young woman who is busy preparing a glamorous wedding, yet has forgotten that there is a marriage, which takes more work than the wedding, that follows that day! As a result of reflecting on this book, I am actually bumping it up to 5 stars...this is a book that you read, but can't get out of your head. - N. Blackburn,

This is one of those must read books! I purchased this book a few months ago, along with a few other things and couldn't put it down! I read it, thinking it would be alright, but came out of it with some really good things. It was wonderful. I read on the internet that she was a first time author, and to be honest was surprised at the depth of this book. She did a wonderful job. I can't help but compare my own marriage to a few parts in this book. I wonder too how hard it was for the main character to not go with the urges and to just give up. What a wonderful and beautiful story of how love can overcome the odds. I'm really glad I picked this up and will now be following this author's career! Great job!
-Firefly and Wisp Publishing

As a psychotherapist, who has counseled many couples, I saw a real and so very human marriage in, The Perfect Marriage. We would all love to have the Perfect Marriage, but as the author teaches us, it is an elusive goal. Gina and Griffin struggle with the same challenges we all discover in intimate relationships. The reader is concerned about Gina as she reaches out for the support and understanding she craves. If you have ever been in a relationship you will feel the emotional whirlwind in which Gina finds herself. Author, Sherry Gripman created a touching story from which we can all learn.   - Dr. Dorothy McCoy, Author of The Manipulative Man

"The Perfect Marriage by Sherry Gripman is a story that hits close to home for anyone who has preconceived ideas about what is typically expected in a marriage. In this moving book, readers are introduced to Gina, a young woman about to be married to her lover, Griffin. After entertaining an attraction to a co-worker, she chooses to go ahead with the wedding. At first, convinced she has made the right decision, she later begins to question herself and her decision to marry. Her co-worker Dan is an intriguing man who, unlike her husband, begins to treat her with the attention, compassion and understanding she is missing in her marriage. Initially, readers find themselves sympathizing with Gina, but after the story twists its focus, they start to see things from Griffin's point of view.

Like any marriage, this one proves to go through its own ups and downs. Gina is pulled in two different directions and left to wonder what her life would be like if she were no longer married to Griffin. Would leaving Griffin be worth it? In the end, she struggles with the decision of a lifetime--one that has her weighing what her heart tells her and what her head says.

Appealing on many levels, The Perfect Marriage speaks to readers from all walks of life--from those going through marital problems to those contemplating marriage, and anyone who enjoys a good story. A must-read that leaves readers anticipating what will happen next!" -Anthony,

"I appreciated the raw emotion this author puts forth in "The Perfect Marriage". She takes her characters from illusion, to delusion, and swings them back to reality deftly. The downside is that I felt the technical descriptions of the profession of nursing and were a bit too abundant, but the upside is that I learned a lot about the vocation and the unique way it colors the practitioner's view of the world. In all, I would recommend..."The Perfect Marriage" was an enjoyable and worthy read." - Jacquie Gum, Author of Confessions of a Corporate Slut

"The Perfect Marriage" is about a hospital nurse named Gina who marries her high school sweetheart, Griffin. They lived together before marriage, but now finally tied the knot. Gina is a successful nurse, but Griffin is unemployed and sits around watching Tv and lifting weights. The relationship seems stale. Griffin wants to move to Florida and finish his college degree. Gina feels "locked in" and has buyer's remorse about getting married. At the hospital, Gina meets a handsome co-worker named Dan. There is an electric attraction between them. Gina has a crush on him. Will she act on her impulses or rediscover the love she once felt for Griffin?

This book is crisp and compelling. The subject matter is something almost every woman can relate to. My sociology professor once confessed that he had a crisis after the honeymoon. He asked himself, "What have I done? I'm married to someone that I hardly even know. I was so in love, but now I realize that I hardly know this woman... and now we're spending the rest of our lives together?" Similarly, a college girlfriend confided in me that she collapsed in tears after the honeymoon. "What have I done? I was all caught up the wedding preparations, but now I feel trapped!"

Amyone who can relate to such feelings will enjoy reading the book. Without giving away the ending, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. It's almost as if a therapist or psychologist is guiding the character's dialogue and declisions (and what they come to understand about themselves). I smiled as I reached the last page. Bravo to author Sherry Gripman for writing such a sensitive and thoughtful book. The story was compelling and captured my attention to the very end. The only drawback is the cover art-- I would have liked to see an illustration of a romantic couple, instead of these nature scenes. Also, the title is a little dull, but thankfully this book is not. This is a great "chick flick" book for taking to the beach or readng on your day off. -Nicky Vanbalkenburh,

"It side-swiped me!  It blew my socks off and brought me to tears.  This book is a primer that every young man or young woman should read before they get married."- Arthur P. Clum, Reader

"...Such vivid imagery!"  -Narnia Krapovicky, Reader

"The feel of the book is truly right on." -Reagan Rothe, Author

"Wow!  I read the second half in one sitting ... Such tension!"  -Laura Efron, Writer


Book Reviews:

A Review of The Perfect Marriage
Brooke Golliher

Over 50% of marriages in today’s modern culture end in divorce.  Many people wonder why, and the book, The Perfect Marriage, by Sherry Gripman may have at least one good reason.  People simply need to make sure that they are doing the right thing before they enter into such an important union.

The Perfect Marriage is about a woman named Gina who is about to be married. Despite her engagement, she finds herself drawn to another man; there is unmistakably chemistry between them. Feeling rather ashamed, Gina dismisses her growing attraction to this man and proceeds with her wedding plans.

The wedding is wonderful and Gina is certain that she has made the right decision. However, with the honeymoon over and life and work getting back to a regular routine, Gina finds that her new husband’s attention is short-lived. That’s when the previous attraction comes alive again.

Although this story is easy to enjoy, it serves a greater purpose—to teach important life lessons.  With no villain and no victims—just real people with real flaws and plenty of imperfections thrown together in realistic episodes that could, and often do, happen in everyday life, The Perfect Marriage takes the reader down a path that represents reality for many. 

Entertaining for fiction lovers, The Perfect Marriage is also a must-read for those contemplating marriage—those who would benefit from coming face-to-face with their feelings about committing to another for a lifetime.


Book Review of The Perfect Marriage 
By Jess Walker Galland, Desk of Jess Editing,

Trust and honesty are the foundation of a strong relationship but are they enough for this couple? Gina and Griffin are a young couple just beginning to make a life for themselves. At the start of the novel, they have been together for seven years and are planning their wedding. Gina is an insecure and self-doubting individual who slowly realizes she has given up on all of her dreams and interests. She has turned her back on her writing and artistic endeavors and instead focuses on becoming a nurse. Griffin's lack of interest leaves her feeling unloved, and she wonders if she is with the right person. Her doubts grow when she meets Dan at her first nursing job. Unlike Griffin, Dan is attentive and everything Gina believes she wants. Throughout "The Perfect Marriage," Gina struggles to reconcile her feelings for Dan and Griffin, until she finally discovers love isn't perfect and relationships require hard work and sacrifice.

Sherry Gripman weaves an intriguing tale with vivid descriptions and real situations. In the book, Gina is forced to realize the world doesn't fit into neat little boxes. She learns she has to actually work at her relationship, voice her concerns, and make an effort to work through the problems. This powerful message is the highlight of the story.

With likable characters and an inspirational message, Sherry Gripman creates a situation, real to life. As the world is discovered through Gina’s eyes, her biases and inner feelings are easily shown to the reader, creating a strong bond with the character. As Gina grows from an anxious, young woman eager to please to a confidant woman secure in her feelings and happy to work toward a stable relationship, the reader is with her every step of the way. The reader is along for an adventurous journey as Gina lets go of her perfectionist ideals little by little and finally accepts that compromise is a two way street.

Overall, "The Perfect Marriage" is a novel that people from all walks of life will relate to and enjoy.


Book Review
The Perfect Marriage
by Todd Rutherford,

Sherry Gripman’s The Perfect Marriage delivers the message of hope, and caters to a variety of audiences, including educated readers—particularly women, nurses, and other healthcare providers. The fact that the book is not overly idealistic, but very realistic and believable lends significant credibility to the piece. The Perfect Marriage serves as a warning to those contemplating marriage—to be certain about their relationships prior to tying the knot.

The book revolves around compromises made by both Gina, and her love, Griffin. Gina forsakes her dream of becoming an artist, and Griffin dismisses his dream of flight school after realizing the endless hours he would have to spend away from his future family.

Gripman does a fantastic job of picturing the not-so-ideal details of married life throughout the book. For example, of Griffin, Gripman states, “He was very good at instructing her about what to do, and what she was doing wrong. He was very poor at praising what she was doing right.”

As the story progresses, Gina realizes that she and Griffin are not as compatible as she initially thought they’d be, and the chemistry and passion that was once there simply cannot be conjured any longer. At the same time, Gina meets a charming nurse, Dan, who embodies everything Gina would like in a man.

Gina often wonders about the state of her marriage with Griffin, “Who am I kidding? Look at the two of us. It is obvious to everyone that we are a bad match for each other.” Passages like these definitely provoke some thought and relate on a multitude of levels with readers. Weaving a disturbing element into the story is the fact that this uncertainty occurs as early as their honeymoon.

Other lessons of marriage that The Perfect Marriage offers its readers are honesty and openness. Gina musters up the courage to tell Griffin of her attraction to Dan. What happens next is a whirlwind of problems for Gina and Griffin, amidst Gina’s steadily rising feelings for Dan. To be sure, The Perfect Marriage is an excellent, entertaining read that helps explain the complexity of marriage. The book digs deep into elements such as spousal communication, expectations, and the feeling of hope versus despair in a relationship.