Saturday, January 22, 2011

When You Got Married, How Did You feel?

Marriage is a huge step in life.  It marks a new era for women and couples, deepening the commitment in a relationship. It can cause cold feet, pre-and-post wedding jitters and sometimes it begs the question are we right for each other?  Questions like this can happen even after the knot has been tied, and I would argue that they frequently do.  Many women feel this way but are unable to express this for fear of judgement and/or denial.

I just got married, and now I'm questioning it...?

These feelings are more common than people think and are the heart of The Perfect Marriage.  Gina, the protagonist, must first identify that her relationship is not what she thought it was and then figure out what she's going to do about it.  She is a good student and expects nothing less than a perfect solution to the question is the man I just married right for me?

Her solution will inspire and challenge you.  See if it is the same solution you used when you got married.  See if it is a solution you want to use since you are going through the same thing.  Or, challenge the resolution by writing to me at