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The Perfect Marriage by Sherry Gripman

November 18, 2010 Release – Black Rose Writing is pleased to announce that The Perfect Marriage by Sherry Gripman is now available for review request or purchase from or any online bookstores.

The book is also available for direct order via the Ingram Book Catalogue and/or Books in Print. ISBN # 978-1-935605-805.

SYNOPSIS: The chemistry Gina feels with Dan couldn’t come at a worse time. It’s the type of chemistry she should be feeling with her fiancĂ©, Griffin. A fellow nurse she has just met at her new job, Dan is playful, encouraging and … familiar somehow.

Gina is disgusted with herself for being attracted to another man just before her wedding. Griffin has helped her out of a dark depression and delayed his education in Florida so she could finish college. So, what’s the problem? Sure, he’s been a little absent lately, but that’s no reason to call off a marriage.

The wedding is beautiful and based on Griffin’s revived affections for her, Gina believes she has made the right choice in a man after all. Until she goes back to work after the honeymoon. As she flourishes in her role as a nurse with Dan’s guidance, Gina discovers, too late, why he is so magnetic. Her doubts about Griffin become despair as she realizes the post-wedding attention from him was short-lived. He really has no interest in what she has to offer their relationship or life. And they’re due to move to Florida so he can go to school in just two months! The action Gina takes to resolve her situation will open her eyes to true happiness and change her life forever.

BIO/PERSONAL NOTES:  Sherry Gripman lives in Maine with her husband and two cats. 



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